Sep.27-National Gallery Prize for Young Art

9 September 2011 – 8 January 2012 at the Hamburger Bahnhof

The primary jury for the 6th annual Prize for Young Art, curated by Joachim Jäger, has selected Cyprien Gaillard, Kitty Kraus, Klara Liden, and Andro Weku as the four finalists on board to win the title of prize winner and prize money totaling 50,000 euros, making it  one of the biggest contemporary art prizes in the country. In addition to that, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin will purchase one work from the winner for its collection. Berlin in art‘s projected winner has to be Cyprien Gaillard, who made a big splash in Berlin in April with his solo exhibition at the KW.

Originally from France, Cyprien Gaillard, who came two years ago as a DAAD to Berlin and has lived and worked here ever since, has created a new movie for the prize. For years Gaillard has kept busy exploring the decay processes and culture in the broadest sense with an archeology of the present. The Iraq war and its disastrous effects, especially the cultural events on site, has drawn the attention of the artist to the history of Babylon: A mythical city, the metropolis is the oldest of mankind. Thus Gaillard’s film includes footage from the Ishtar Gate in Berlin juxtaposed with images of archaeological monuments in Iraq. During the recordings he also makes no distinction between the amazing ancient cult sites and monumental buildings and construction sites.  All are equivalent and permit his cinematic vision. “Artifacts“, the legacies of the people who draw conclusions about a culture and their way of life. “Artefacts” is therefore the title of his film. Another level of the film lies in the art. “Artefacts” is identified in the language of visual media and in the errors in the photographic and film production: color cast, halftones, image noise. Gaillard shot the video on a cell phone and later transferred the footage to 35mm film.

Cyprien Gaillard
“Artefact” 2011
Hamburger Bahnhof