May 2, 2014 Gallery Weekend Pregaming

March 25, 2014 Ai Wei Wei is coming to Germany (or at least his art is)

Feb. 15, 2014 Berlin perspectives: Miami, Art Wynwood

Feb. 13, 2014 Documentary Film Screening, the topic: Brasilia

Feb. 11, 2014 Berlin perspective in Miami: Beats After Sunset at Bass

Feb. 1, 2014 SAUDADE solo show by Jacobus Capone

Jan 2014 Beat my meat ‘Schnitzelporno’

Dec. 3/ 2013 Sabine Kacunko “Looping Life” Review

Dec. 2/ 2013 Grimmuseum – Interview with Andreas Galeano

Nov. 9/ 2013 Gorki’s Signal of Intent

Nov. 8/ 2013 Interview with Jen Ray

Oct. 19/2013 Interview with Nadia Says

Sep. 28/2013 Interview with Rosemary Lee at LEAP

Sep. 26/2013 Linda Weiss “Made in America” at Preview Berlin

Sep. 26/2013 Interview with Tilo Schultz at ABC

Sep. 25/2013 Interview with Konstantin Schneider, aka the Kunstkontakter at Berliner Liste

Sep. 24/2013 Museum Lytke at Preview Berlin

Aug. 26/2013 Prostie Retrospective at Urban Spree

Aug. 23/2013 Weltverbesserungsmachine

Aug. 8/2013 Kapoor in Berlin

March 17/2013 Bye-bye Guggenheim Berlin

March 15/2013 Olaf Bastigkeit & Gemma Anderson at Thore Krietemeyer

Feb. 22/2013  ‘Very Good’ Martin Kippenberger at the Hamburger Bahnhof

Feb. 4/2013 ‘Eier Haben’ at Transmediale ’13

Feb. 2/ 2013 Composting the City/Composting the Net Performance Transmediale ’13

Feb. 1/ 2013 Video Vortex Hangout at Transmediale ’13

Jan. 30/ 2013 Transmediale Berlin Opening

Oct. 31/ 2012 Heinz Mack at Arndt

Oct. 21/2012 ‘Between Matter and Memory’ Group Show at Patrick Ebensperger

Oct. 20/2012 Robert Rauschenberg at the Hamburger Bahnhof

Oct. 20/2012 Joseph Beuys at the Hamburger Bahnhof

Oct. 16/2012 Giovanni Casu ‘Kant Reloaded’ at Expo

Oct. 12/2012 Gabriel Orozco ‘Asterisms’ at the Guggenheim

Oct. 1/2012 Chris Farmer Performance at Expo

Sep. 25/2012 Der Grieche at Helmut Kohl

Sep. 17/2012 Preview Berlin 2012 Interview with Samuel Salcedo

Sep. 17/2012 Berliner Liste 2012, The Hungry Room

Sep. 16/2012 Preview Berlin 2012 PHOTOS

Sep. 16/ 2012 ABC 2012 PHOTOS

Sep. 13/2012 Berliner Liste 2012 PHOTOS

Sep. 7/2012 Expo – Nicolas Fontaine ‘Mein Gott! Es glitzert!’

Aug. 18/2012 Team Titanic “DOOMSDAY EPISODE II”

Aug. 17/2012 Timeless Beauty at C/O

June 21/2012 48 Stunden Neukölln

June 10/2012 DMY Design Fair

May 20/2012- ‘Circles Become Spheres’ Michael Jones McKean at Gentili Apri

May 17/2012- Stop and Go 3D at General Public

May 16/2012- The Monkey on My Back- Gallery Emmanuel Post

Apr.28/2012- Patricia Waller at Deschler “Broken Heroes”

Apr. 25/2012- Samuel Salcedo at 3 Punts Gallery

Jan. 26th/2012- Berlin Unhinged Festival

Jan. 13th/2012- Current list of subsidized artist studios available from the BBK here